This group deals with sprinkler extinguishing systems as well as spray water and water mist extinguishing systems.

Our duties

  • Members of the section are actively involved in the European and international standardization process. Members participate in the work of technical committees, including representatives of the insurance industry, manufacturers and operators. This is done to promote the development, implementation and revision of standards in the field of sprinklers, components and installations.
  • The objective is to formulate high quality and reliability levels for water extinguishing systems.
  • The section has established a working relationship with Insurance Europe to develop European installation guidelines and for the definition of sprinkler parts in Europe.
  • The section and its members monitor European legislation and advise European and national politicians.

Guiding principle for the section Sprinklers

  • The promotion and establishment of generally accepted fire safety standards for the protection of life, public and private property and the environment.
  • The enhancement of the effectiveness and reliability of water-based fire-fighting systems, e.g. sprinkler extinguishing systems, water spray extinguishing systems, water mist extinguishing systems and foam extinguishing systems, including design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.
  • The extension of the scope of water-based firefighting systems in Europe, whenever this is a suitable solution for the respective application area.
  • Informing of operators, experts, politicians, fire brigades and authorities about the advantages of water-based fire protection systems.



Position Paper:

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Technical Paper:

Handling of sprinkler extinguishing systems by fire brigades

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