Fire Fighting Agents 

The Firefighting Agents section – FFA - is the European representation of the manufacturers of firefighting agents such as foams, wetting agents, powders, extinguishing gases, etc. in Europe.

The FFA is the professional organization for all matters concerning the use of firefighting agents and the mouthpiece of the European fire protection industry. The FFA bundles, broadens and communicates the expert knowledge of its members on extinguishing agents, their lifecycle management and application by promoting research and development, as well as exchange with other organizations and interested parties (e.g. the chemical and petrochemical industry).

The objectives of the Section Fire Fighting Agents

It is the aim of the Eurofeu FFA:

  • to strengthen transnational cooperation between European associations and companies in the fire protection industry and to coordinate communication and knowledge exchange with the aim of improving the performance and efficiency of extinguishing agents and their toxicological properties and environmental performance;
  • to make the utilization of extinguishing agents safer and fire protection in Europe more efficient through handling and application recommendations, and the promotion and dissemination of best practices, and thus to further develop them overall;
  • to improve the quality of legislation affecting fire protection products by supporting legislators at European level.
  • to support and promote the smooth implementation of such new legislation by informing stakeholders in fire protection.
  • to develop and improve norms and standards for fire protection products and services

Guiding principle for the Section Fire Fighting Agents

EUROFEU/FFA is recognized as a valued reference for our industry for being transparent, open and straight forward. Information we provide is facts based, comprehensive and understandable.


Current key projects


European and international regulations for chemicals

FFA represents EUROFEU at European institutions and authorities (ECHA, EU Commission, ...) as well as at international ones (UN – Stockholm Convention, OSPAR, ...) establishing a collaboration platform to:

  • Collect and share key information:
    • Through networking and cooperation with other trade organizations and associations.
    • Through networking, supporting of and cooperation with local and European authorities.
  • Develop and establish a balanced view on environmental impact of firefighting agents versus their fire performance benefits


European Restrictions on PFAS - Transition away from Fluorine-containing firefighting agents:

EUROFEU FFA is deeply involved in working with authorities on the EU level to base restrictions of fluorinated chemicals (PFAS) used in firefighting foam agents on sound data: We collect and provide detail information related to the manufacturing, function and use of firefighting foam agents in order to

  • Develop practicable and feasible transition conditions for the various concerned areas of use (aviation, marine, portable extinguishers, ...)
  • Assist with a seamless transition to fluorine free firefighting foam agents


Revision of REACH and CLP:

Beyond the aforementioned EUROFEU FFA also works with other European organizations and supports them in their work with the EU legislators on the revisions of CLP and REACH.


Product norms and Standards

EUROFEU FFA is involved in reviewing the European norms for firefighting foam agents, dry chemical powders and gaseous extinguishing agents and assists with the review of the norm for fixed firefighting systems.