Fixed Extinguishing Installations

This group focuses on extinguishing systems that do not extinguish fires with water. These are, in particular, CO2 extinguishing systems, inert gas extinguishing systems, oxygen reduction systems and other extinguishing systems.

Our duties

  • This section draws up statements and position papers on current issues relating to special extinguishing systems.
  • The consequences of the EU Directives, in particular the Construction Products Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive and of the European Commission (EC), here the CE Marking Directive, are reviewed and discussed within this section. Information on other regulations, such as the European Agreement dealing with the international transport of dangerous goods by road and rail, is also discussed.
  • The development of new European and international standards will be reviewed, and information provided to participating experts through their respective national associations.



Position Paper:

Position paper on the use of aerosols to extinguish fires

The use of carbon dioxide as an extinguishing agent


Technical Paper:

Guideline on the regular inspection of transportable compressed gas cylinders

Information regarding the influence of sound sources on computer hard disks



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