EUROFEU is the European Committee of the Manufacturers of Fire Protection Equipment and Fire Fighting Vehicles, founded in 1969 in Frankfurt am Main.

EUROFEU is the umbrella organization of the European associations for active fire protection, fire protection systems and fire fighting vehicles. EUROFEU also represents manufacturers who want to become involved in European active fire protection.

EUROFEU stands for 

High standards in standardization

For us, that means: wanting to achieve the highest standards for products, construction and services of active fire protection in Europe. This is what we are fighting for.

Further development of technology

We aim to constantly improve active fire protection and thus increase the effectiveness of the protection of persons, property and the environment against fires. Through regular exchange between experts from various member countries, a competent platform has been created within EUROFEU for the further development of active fire protection.

Passing on extensive knowledge

Based on the specialist expertise of the members of EUROFEU, we can provide crucial support regarding national and international standardization committees, institutes, users and allied associations. EUROFEU regularly publishes position papers on current topics and problems in active fire protection. We know exactly what matters in fire protection.

European interest group for active fire protection

EUROFEU has for many decades been the European representative for active fire protection. Member associations and member companies of EUROFEU constitute the relevant European market for active fire protection products.