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Chairman:Matthias Pohl - bvfa
Secretariat:   Dr. Wolfram Krause
Koellikerstr. 13
97070 Würzburg
Tel: +49 931 35292-25
Fax: +49 931 35292-29
E-Mail: info(at)



Field of Activity

All aspects of automatic sprinkler installations, deluge and water mist systems in buildings.


  • The Section and its members are actively involved in the European (CEN) and International (ISO) Standardisation process. Members participate in Technical Committees together with representatives of insurers, governments and users for the development, implementation and revision of standards in the field of sprinkler components and installations.
  • The aim is for the highest possible level of quality and reliability and the recognition of the sprinkler industry as a specialist profession.
  • The Section has established a close working relationship with the CEA for the development of European design and installation rules and the formal qualification of sprinkler installing companies on a common basis throughout Europe.
  • The Section and its members monitor the constant change of the European legislation and give input to the European and national politicians.

Mission Statement

  • Promote and establish common reputable standards of fire safety for the protection of life (including that of the fire fighter), public and private assets and the environment
  • Ensure and develop the recognition of the sprinkler industry as a specialist profession.
  • Promote the effectiveness and reliability of water based fire fighting systems, i.e. sprinkler systems, water spray systems, water mist systems and foam systems, including design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance.
  • Increase the use of waterbased fire fighting systems in Europe wherever this solution is appropriate.
  • Inform users, specifiers, politicians, fire brigades, authorities about the benifits of waterbased firefighting systems.


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