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Mobile Equipment
Chairman:   N.N
Secretariat:   Dr. Bernd Scherer
Lyoner Str. 18
60498 Frankfurt
Tel:  +49 69 66031305
Fax:  +49 69 66031464
E-Mail: bernd.scherer(at)



Field of Activity

Providing input into the development of technical standards and codes of practice for the production and after-sale services of fire fighting vehicles, pumps, rescue equipment and correlated equipment and the promotion of good practice in relation to the marketing of such products.


  • Representation on matters of common interest towards the EC, European Committee for Standardisation, National Authorities and international fire fighting organisations.
  • Provision of a forum for discussion, elaboration and agreement of common positions of the European fire fighting industry.
  • Analysis of the medium and long-term development of the market to the betterment of fire protection and members interest.
  • Positioning of the European manufacturers in the world market.
  • Provide information for the development of technical standards, administrative procedures and financial considerations.


!!! Revised Version!!! Position Paper on particulate/condensed aerosols for fire extinguishing

The aim of this document  by the EUROFEU Section Fixed Extinguishing Installations is to give basic information to non-specialists needing to evaluate the use of Particulate Aerosols in fire...

Germany takes over the EUROFEU Presidency - Jan Witte takes office

Jan Witte, board member of the German bvfa - Federal Association for Fire Protection Technology, is the new president of the European umbrella organisation EUROFEU. In the context of EUROFEU’s...

!!! NEW !!! Guideline for the selection and installation of portable and mobile fire extinguishers

The EUROFEU Portable Fire Extinguisher section developed this new Guideline. The standards EN 3 and EN 1866 in which the fire performance of extinguishers on class A and class B fires, as...