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EUROFEU = The European Committee of the Manufacturers of Fire Protection Equipment and Fire Fighting Vehicles

  • founded in Frankfurt am Main in 1969.
  • EUROFEU is the umbrella organisation association of fire protection equipment, systems and fire fighting vehicle manufacturers all in Europe.
  • Designers, installers and maintainers of such equipments can also become members.


  • To work to establish common high standards of fire safety for the protection of life (including that of the fire fighter), public and private assets and the environment.
  • To enable a growing European market where member’s products are tested once to a commonly accepted standard and listed in each appropriate country without duplication of costs.
  • For EUROFEU to be considered by all appropriate authorities as the voice of influence that is consulted on important European wide fire protection issues.


  • To create a growing market for members’ high quality products and services through co-operation with other interest groups who can positively influence the market place.
  • To work towards minimising duplication of members’ costs in obtaining European wide approvals for products and services.
  • To adjust EUROFEU statutes to the expansion of the EU in order to enable the trade organisations of new EU membership countries to be naturally accepted into EUROFEU.


  • EUROFEU represents the Technical and Commercial interests of active fire protection supply industry of Europe for over 40 years.
  • The companies are organised in five autonomous Sections of Fire Fighting Vehicles (Mobile Equipment), Fixed Extinguishing Installations, Portable Fire Extinguishers, Sprinklers and Fire Fighting agents.
  • Representation drawn from specialists within the membership is actively involved in standards writing in Comité Européen de Normalisation (CEN) and International Standards Organisation (ISO), technical and commercial liaison with insurers through Comité Européen des Assurances (CEA) and sister associations in fire detection and security through such as Euralarm.
  • Respected EUROFEU representatives lobby European Commission and European Parliament on behalf of Members on issues of importance to either grow or protect existing markets. Partnerships developed on platforms of common issues continue to be created with the key organisations with the objective of growing the European Market for members’ quality products and services.


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