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Fixed Extinguishing Installations
Chairman: Alan Elder - FIA
Secretariat:   Robert Thilthorpe
Tudor House
Kingsway Business Park
Oldfield Rd
Middlesex TW12 2HD
Tel: +44 20 3166 5002
Fax: +44 20 8941 0972

E-Mail: info(at)



Field of Activity

All aspects of fixed extinguishing installations not covered by the Sprinkler Section, including foam, CO2, water mist and the use of "clean agents" (ie environmentally acceptable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, electricalle non-conductive agents).


  • The activities of the Section range from standards development through to liaison with the EC on matters of importance to Member Associations.
  • The implications of the Montreal Protocol and subsequent Kyoto Protocol have been analysed. Their impact on the fire protection industry has been discussed with the EC to ensure that industry concerns and proposals are taken into account. Members are being kept fully aware of the implications of amendments to EC Regulations that include the accelerated phase out and decommissioning of halon systems.
  • The implications of EU Directives, particularly the Construction Products Directive, the Pressure Equipment Directive and the European Commission (EC) Marking Directive are reviewed & briefing notes for members are made available. Infos on other Regulations such as the European Agreement concerning the International carriage of Dangerous goods by Road (ADR) & regulations concerning the Intern. Dangerous goods by Rail (RID) is also provided.
  • The development of new European and International Standards is both reviewed and input provided to participating experts via National Association Members.


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