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Fire Fighting Agents
Chairman:Dr. Thomas Leonhardt- bvfa
Secretariat:   Dr. Wolfram Krause
Koellikerstr. 13
97070 Würzburg
Tel: +49 931 35292-0
Fax: +49 931 35292-29
E-Mail: info(at)



Field of Activity

All aspects of fire fighting agents except from water (i.e. foam, powder,gas) that are not already covered by the EUROFEU Section FEI


European Regulations on hazardous Chemicals:

  • Gaining influence/premier access to information:
    – identify established and connected trade organizations to collaborate/exchange with (e.g. CEFIC, SEPAWA…) and establish work relation
    – identify European target organizations (ECHA, Commission, …) and establish work relation
  • Develop and drive definition of “green”:
    While everyone is out to find a “green” fire fighting foam agent no one seems to know what qualifies an agent to be considered “green”. Rather than wait for authorities to come up with a definition the market would have to adopt to we should
    – discuss and agree upon strategy to plant the seed on European level to get to an official definition of “green” (e.g. acute toxicity vs. persistency; soil toxtesting yes/no?)

Fluorochemistry in Fire Fighting Foams:

  • The Good, The Bad and the Evil:
    The discussion in the market place is at best partly non‐factual and very confusing to all affected parties namely users and national authorities. Their response is in some cases overshooting the issue causing it hence creating more confusion.
    – Gather data of environmental impact of uncontrolled vs. controlled fires–Develop and establish a European Position on Fluorchemicals


Labelling and Packaging of Substances and Mixtures:

  • Portables subject to CLP‐labelling:
    – The Position of German REACH‐Helpdesk and other national Helpdesks
    – Agree upon an internal position to be proposed to the European Authorities

Mission Statement

The aim of Eurofeu FFA is to facilitate trans-national co-operation in Europe

  • through effective debate on matters of interest, establishing and maintaining a consensus of opinion regarding fire fighting agents, which is recognised in Europe and the world as the formal Eurofeu position. 

In doing so, it seeks to achieve common goals of benefit to both the fire protection industry and its customers.
Objectives of Eurofeu FFA Section include:

  • Being the voice of the fire fighting agents industry upstream and downstream
  • To promote good practice
  • Commitment to the highest quality standards for products and associated services through compliance with European Standards and legislation, such that existing and future technologies applied in Europe meet satisfactory quality criteria.






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